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ELTE ÁJK facade restoration

  • ELTE ÁJK facade restoration

Budapest, V. Egyetem Square 1-3.

Restoration project of the protected university building from the late 1800s.



ELTE Műszaki és Üzemeltetési Igazgatóság

1056. Budapest, Szerb Street. 21-23.

Date of project: 2012

Apartment building 2

  • Pusztakuti apartment building – approved design

Budapest, III. Hethalom Street

3×5 flats in the apartment building with underground parking space.

Total Floorspace: 3 x 400 m2
Date of Project: 2009

Apartment building

  • Apartment building – governmental approved design

Budapest, XIII. Gömb Street. 38. és 40.

On two neighboring property, 28+18 flats apartment building was designed, with additional shops on the ground-floor level, and parking space on the  underground level.

 Total Floorspace: 3200+1900 m2
Date of project: 2009

shopping center and TESCO store

  • Shopping center and TESCO store

Tahitótfalu, Szentendrei Street

On an empty property, a 1000 m2 large shopping center was built that contains a TESCO, as well as other stores on two levels.





Schell Sport Kft.

1142. Budapest, Oszlány u.

TESCO Global Áruházak Zrt.

2040. Budaörs, Kinizsi u. 1-3.

Total Floorspace : 2423 m2
Date of Project: 2010/11

ELTE restoration

  • ELTE restoration

Budapest, VIII. Puskin Street. 9.

Disused, three story, national monument restoration  for educational purposes. Governmental approved design and final construction drawing.

Commissioner: ELTE Műszaki és Üzemeltetési Igazgatóság

1056. Budapest, Szerb Street. 21-23.

Total Floorspace: 6645 m2
Date of Project: 2010

Pacsirta villa restoration

  • Pacsirta villa restoration

Szováta, Transylvania

The twentieth century ruined summer house complete restoration and expansion into a hotel.


OTP Ingatlan Rt.

1066. Budapest, Mozsár u. 8.

Total Floorspace: 1433 m2
Date of Project 2008/2009



  • Stables

Őrbottyán, outskirt of Budapest

The stables was constructed with wooden structure, contains 26 horse boxes and a small, separated office and caretaker’s flat.

Total Floorspace: 665 m2
Date of Project: 2008


Hotel Birkenhof

  • Hotel Birkenhof restoration and expansion

Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

30 rooms, bathrooms and public spaces were restored in the alpine hotel, as well as a new entrance, main lounge and swimming pools with saunas were constructed in the second phrase of the project.


OTP Ingatlan Rt.

1066. Budapest, Mozsár u. 8.

Total Floorspace: 2000 m2
Date of Project: 2005, 2007


SPAR stores

  • SPAR stores

1. Kiskunfélegyháza, Dr. Holló Lajos Street 74.

2. Budapest, IV. Nap Street. – restoration


GENERAL Kereskedelmi Kft.

2060. Bicske, Spar út

Total Floorspace: 2700 m2 + 2500 m2
Date of Project: 2007

ELTE University (Freshman’s Castle)

  • ELTE University (Freshman’s Castle) restoration
Budapest VIII., Múzeum Boulevard 4-8.

The original building was built in 1897 by Pecz Samu, and since was rebuilt various times. The preserved building was restored and two auditoriums were added for the faculty of art. ICOMOS awarded.



1101 Budapest, Jászberényi út 24-36

Total Floorspace: 1250 m2
Date of Project: 2006



Üllő sports-court

Üllő sports-court

Üllő town’s sport court was built next to the elementary school. It has a handball sized playing-field with an auditorium for 300 people.




1137 Budapest Újpesti rkp.-Alsó rkp. 29.

Total Floorspace: 2000 m2
Date of Project: 2006


Administration of National Pension Insurance

  • Administration of National Pension Insurance, Budapest and Pest County restoration project – Budapest, VIII., Fiumei Road 19/a.
Commissioner: Kreativ 2000 Kft. – 1024 Retek Street 26.
Total Floorspace: 33.000 m2
Date of project: 2002-2004
Total budget: 6.000 millió HUF
Architects Nyíri Péter, Kun Zoltán
Interior designer: Görgényi Judit



Central Administration of Water and Environmental Affairs

  • Central Administration of Water and Environmental Affairs restoration project
    1012 Budapest, Márvány Street 1/c.

Ten story building was restored into a modern office building.


Országos Vízügyi Igazgatóság

Date of Project: 1800 m2
Total Floorspace: 2003/2004

Hajógyári Island building No.136

  • Hajógyári Island building No. 136

Budapest, III. district, Hajógyári Island

The building was constructed in 1895 by Varga Ignac, as a tram central and a boiler room. The protected building was restored to give space for offices and shops.

Commissioner: Hajógyári sziget Kft.
Floorspace: 850 m2
Date of Project: 2000

Hajógyári Island Building No. 307

  • Hajógyári Island Building No.307
    Budapest, III. district

The building was constructed in 1920 by V. Leinner Osztrak to serve as a power station. The protected building was restored and converted into modern offices for rent.


Hajógyári Sziget Vagyonkezelő Kft.

1033 Budapest Hajógyári sziget 117.

Total Floorspace: 2522 m2
Date of Project: 2001

Dörgicse holiday house

  • Dörgicse holiday house

Dörgicse, Hungary

The thatched roof summer house was build nearby an ancient historical chapel at Dörgicse.

Total Floorspace: 150 m2
Date of Project: 2000

BILLA shopping center

  • BILLA shopping center

Mozdony Street, Cegléd, Hungary

The shopping center’s unique element is the cemented wooden frame.


Billa Kereskedelmi Kft.

Total Floorspace: 1500 m2
Date of Project: 1999

FOR BABY wholesale store

  • FOR BABY wholesale store

Budakeszi, Szőlőskert Street


For Baby Kft.

Total Floorspace: 500 m2
Date of Project: 1996